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About Soren Chem: Soren Chem Company in Mashhad entered the market of industrial raw materials with the efforts of expert colleagues and chemical industry engineers. Knowing the problems in Iran's industry, we decided to expand our activities in the field of providing and distributing industrial raw materials, including detergent raw materials, food raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, agricultural raw materials, purification raw materials. water, drilling raw materials, solvents and industrial chemicals, as well as in the essential oil sector.

Now, according to the needs of the customers and the order request for the products you need, we analyze the colleagues and register the order in order to provide you with the best quality product. We are proud to be at your service under the brand name Sena Tejarat Soren under registration number 59841.

With an experienced and expert staff, Soren Chemical Company is able to supply raw materials needed by all industries from international markets and helps you in this field. The key to the success of large companies is the satisfaction of the company's customers, and we hope to remain based on this principle and gain your satisfaction more than ever, as we have achieved the satisfaction of our customers with the efforts of our expert colleagues.

Soren Chem is an importer, exporter and seller of essential oils, chemical raw materials, detergents, pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

About Soren Chem:

The services of Soren Chemical Company to the dear producers and researchers of the country:
Marketing and sales of raw materials
Export of raw materials
Commercialization of research and research collaboration in the field of raw materials

Therefore, we invite all producers of chemical, food, agricultural raw materials, etc. to cooperate, by contacting and consulting our expert colleagues in the field of exporting their products to the applicant countries and marketing and selling their raw materials in the market. benefited inside the country.

About Soren Chemical, it should be noted that our head office is in the holy city of Mashhad, which is important due to the importance of the region in the discussion of trade with neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. The company's products are continuously stored in reliable warehouses.

Some of the products and materials that you can order on our site:

essential oil

Raw materials for detergent industries

Food industry raw materials

Raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry

Raw materials for cosmetic industry

Raw materials for agricultural industries

Solvents and industrial chemicals

Raw materials for water treatment industries

Raw materials for drilling industries

quality guarantee

We guarantee quality by providing analysis and samples to our dear customers and companions.

competitive price

We announce a competitive price in the market of raw materials by offering the best price in relation to quality.

We are the best raw material importer!!

Hanie Farzin

Chairman of the Board

Vahidreza Mostafadokht

Managing Director
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