• Raw materials for cosmetic industry

  • Types of industrial essential oils



  • What is the packaging of the products?

    The packing of products are different which depends to whether the product is liquid or solid. Liquid products can be provided with barrel packing and solid products with bag packing.

  • What is the contact number of the business manager and Whatsapp?

    Reza Mustafa Dokht +989156366888

  • How can we get enquiry for product prices?

    Through the company's email and WhatsApp

  • How we can get the products analysis?

    The analyese of raw materials has been uploaded on the Soren Chemical website in the description section of each product, and you can also get it through our export sales department connections.

  • What is the currency of payment?

    The currency of payment depends on the requested raw materials ,  in Rials ( Toman ) and dollars.

  • What are the terms of payment?

    The terms of payment are cash in advance, after placing the order it will be ready for delivery within one week to ten days.

  • Where is the product delivery location?

    Delivery is to the door of the factory or warehouse, except for a series of raw materials that are delivered at FOB Bandar Abbas basis.

About Us

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Soren Chemical Company in Mashhad entered the market of industrial raw materials with the efforts of expert colleagues and chemical industry engineers.

Our Mission

Knowing the problems in Iran's industry, we decided to expand our activities in the field of providing and distributing industrial raw materials, including detergent raw …

Our Unique Features

quality guarantee

The quality of the products is guaranteed with Soren Chem

competitive price

The price of goods in Soren Chemical is competitive

Basic packaging

All Soren Chemical products have basic packaging

Up-to-date standards

Soren Chemical products have up-to-date standards

We provide complete and unique solutions

Soren Chemical Company in Mashhad entered the market of industrial raw…

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