Soren Chemical

  • published : 2019/07/16

Soren Chemical , was founded in 2016 in Mashhad, and has been leaded by senior executives since 2012. Soren Chemical company initially started focusing on distributing domestic detergent chemicals and cosmetic ingredients. But After Years Experience in Local Market Our Agent were succesful in Competing to export Neighbourhood Countries. Iranian Soren Chemical Group quickly became an important connection link between manufacturers in Iran and the rest of the world. The role of “mediator” became more and more than the distributor. We are currently keeping our permanent stocks in the country so that we can ensure fast and flexible Chemical Export delivery at any time to any country.

Soren Chem is globally a partner for your long-term success through an international distribution network. Our core capabilities include sophisticated logistics services for raw materials and detergent finished products, along with the reliability of the Iran supply chain and advicer for the Persian industries The logistics sector plays a crucial role in commercial activity in terms of cost, scheduling, safety and reliability. We also play a key role in Iranian raw materials Product growth, development and competition in the target market. Our Group is providing a very special services to our Foreign customers.

Soren Chemical

According to the Special Iran Geoghraphical and political location in the World Map, SorenChemical is able to Export raw materials by Road and Sea to any Part of the World in a confirtable Timing . Our Totally Iran Made raw materials with acceptable quality got a special Point of competitive prices according to the Neighbourhood heated International Market Prices, and this Point have already created huge Demand of Iranian Raw Materials in the Asia Market and Iran has become a powerful temple in this huge Market.

During this years we have used our best Agents in finding the easiest and cheapest way for getting connection between Iran Manufacturers with Export Market Customers to get the newly fresh products with factory prices to deliver the goods to each and every side of Iran Borders. And this point makes more trust between Soren Chemical customers to this Professional Export Group.

Soren Chemical Company Target is to cover Demand for the following Raw Materials:

water refinery

Soren Chemical Group co. is ready to cover a part of this huge international Market with Iranian pure quality raw Materials with a competitive Price for Iran Export Market. Our professional Agents is ready to Answer Product Enquires in Persian ,English ,Indian, Urda ,Arabic Languages for easier communication with Soren Chemical Customers.

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