• published : 2019/05/18
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  • Chemical name: Paraformaldehyde
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The paraformaldehyde mixture is a dense methylene glycol product, it is not a substance that can be purely seperated in production line. A white solid with formaldehyde content is between 78 and 98%, and it is distributed on a Granule Shape. All forms contain more than 95.5% of paraformaldehyde content. Iran Paraformaldehyde is a polymer that is usually obtained as a white powder. If mixed with hot water, it is completely converted to formaldehyde or formalin solution. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a sharp and hard smell.

What is the difference between formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde?
Iran Paraformaldehyde is a formaldehyde polymer shape in a solid form, and formaldehyde is a gas. Formaldehyde solutions are formaldehyde gas dissolved in a solvent.
The paraffin is not a constant agent, and its formaldehyde must be broken down into its original building block. It can be done by heating down the product or underlying conditions until it will get soluble.

Paraformaldehyde Usage in following industries:
The most important use of para-formaldehyde as a source of formaldehyde in the production of many thermocycle resins, along with phenol, urea, melamine, resorcinol and other similar reactions. Used in resins as casting powder; in the wood industry as adhesive for wood, plywood and furniture; as bonding resins for brakes, abrasives and casting paints; as a resin for paper and textiles ; As a dryers and shiny agents for paints; As insulating coatings for electrical parts for industries
Some common formulations are used to produce paraformaldehyde resins including proteins, dimethanol, methylphenol, disinfectants, insecticides, vitamin A supplements, detergent, hair dyes and specialty plastics. In addition, this product is used as a fungicide and bacterium in the petroleum industry in themost production and refining industry.
Soren Chemical Paraformaldehyde has been widely used as an additive to stop starch fermentation on oil drilling big holes.
Sugar beet industry is constantly using it to minimizing the growth of algae in its player. Hotels and motels in wet areas often use it, along with disinfectants or without these materials. In small bags, hangs in the closet to prevent the formation of mildew.
In other closed areas where moisture is high, in some stores, the irrigation of paraffinic acid effectively controls mold and mildew.
In photography, iran paraffin is hardening gelatin and accelerates its development. A component of antiperspirant powder. Cracking in the wood decreases the way it generates steam as a heater paraffin.
It can be used as a Iran formalin substitute for the production of gummy substances, usually associated with urea and melamine, phenol, resorcinol, tannin or other reactants in the manufacture of chipboard, food and beverage.

– Disinfectants, insecticides and pesticides
– Fungicides and antibacterials
– Ion exchange resin
– Thermal resins
– Resin coating and enamel coating
– glyphosate
– car color
– Electrical and water coating
– ink industries
– Livestock and poultry industry
– Abrasive
– Pharmacy
– Textile and specialty plastics

The use of paraformaldehyde in the production of resin has many advantages over formaldehyde:
Efficiency is higher than available equipment and water is lower than resin product. It takes the form of crystal, stable and very easy to come. Product storage is cheaper than storage of formaldehyde solution, which requires expensive huge tanks and may need to be stable or kept warm. The use of Iranian Para formaldehyde is convenient and safe. The contamination resulting from the distillation of the resulting distillation is avoided in the production of a thermocycle resin that is contaminated with contaminating materials. Paraformaldehyde price is cheaper then Iranian Formalin and does not need to be dissolved in water for the chemical reaction. This eliminates the risk of formalin transfer of fluid that is hazardous. Suitable for small use of bags.
In coating applications, low acid content in para-formaldehyde production is important for gloss control and stability. Iran Paraffinic acid, made with very low acidity in a chemical resistant environment, can prevent acid peroxide formation. In microbiology labs, the phytonutrient process (immunofluorescence) uses 4% formalin. A blog from the researchers pointed out that preparing this “fresh” solution of this product is better than using formalin, which has been kept for some time. This is why methylene glycol is higher than the dimer and timer oligomers and there is no formalin 4% solution in methanol.
Based on the latest technology to obtain a good solution, the homogeneous content of oil and low acid is suitable for all areas of the use of paraformulideid.
Application of paraformaldehyde and formaldehyde in the synthesis of organic metal catalyzed:
Export Paraformaldehyde with the chemical formula CxHyOz, an unformed solid form of formaldehyde, is a very useful reaction in classical organic reactions. Multiple applications have been studied in both chemical industry and chemical labs in organic chemistry. In this overall review, we summarize the main achievements of using paraformaldehyde in organic reactions with transition metals as catalysts. In these methods, this product is used as methylene blocks, hydroxymethyl ether reactions, CO source, gas replacement, hydrogen donor or receptor, formulation and methylation of reactions. In addition, in order to establish this systematic review, a recent report on organocatalyzed

The shelf life of the Persian Paraformaldehyde:
Shelf life is not specified, but quality assurance is one year since the unopened bottle was stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. This particular product is expected to be of good quality for at least 2 years after production.
Often the paraffinic substance contains insoluble impurities, and the best is to remove them through a rapid spin in a centrifuge on the table or by passing the prepared solution through a filter syringe. It is also necessary to know that the degree of efficiancy and impurity of paraffinic powder can vary greatly from seed to number of reactions in factory production line.

The bags are kept tightly closed to prevent direct sunlight and moisture.

In a 25 kg polyethylene pack of PP / PE compression.

The amount of Soren paraformaddehyde required is diluted in the metallic container of the spout and indirectly by heating in half an hour, the whole paraffin is converted to neat formalin vapor and dispersed in the medium.

Higher levels of 0.1 ppm can cause acute health problems, such as sore throat, skin irritation, nausea, eye irritation and coughing. Formaldehyde is also classified as highly carcinogenic. Exposure to moderate amounts of its associated with cancer.

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