Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide

  • published : 2018/09/01
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  • Chemical name: Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide
  • Chemical formula: C4H11NO2
price : تماس بگیرید

Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide is an active surfactant that helps to stabilize hand gel foam, detergent liquids and shampoos. It is made from coconut oil and is a non-ionic surfactant. Laramide is a yellow liquid that is pale and relatively viscous. Sticky or solid wax. This ingredient is a fatty acid derivative. In materials for cosmetics and personal care products, these materials are used in the formulation of shampoos, hair dyes, bath products and lotions. Increase foam capacity or foaming. They are also used to thicken the water section of cosmetics and personal care. Lauramide comes from natural fatty acids. DEA cocamide derived from coconut fatty acid, DEAR lauramide derived from Lauric acid, Linoleamide DEA derived from linoleic acid, and DEA Oleamide derived from Oleic Acid.

Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide in Iran is also of great use in the detergent industry, which causes the stability of the floor and the effects of softening on the skin.

Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide is one of the intermediates of the detergent industry, which acts as a concentrator, stabilizer and stabilizer in dishwashing liquid. For the synthesis of the substance, “technical deacetanolamide technical coconut” has been used in the presence of a catalyst.

Application of Coconut Fatty Acid Diethanol Amide:

This inorganic surfactant product is stable and the role of anions and cations and the compatibility of surfactants with shampoos, liquid products, can also be widely used in fabric and dyeing, plating and shoe industries, ink printing industries, etc.

Loramid features:

Foaming Enhancer

Provides viscosity especially for shampoos

Improve hair condition

Reduce skin irritation

Application of Lauramide:

Body and head shampoos


Liquid soaps

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