Solvents are chemicals that have dramatically increased their use in Iran and around the world. Solvents are used in a variety of applications, including colors and covers, personal care products, medicines, pesticides, domestic and industrial cleaners and ink. Solvents provide solutions to many of the challenges of modern business and life at home. The American Chemical Industry Group ( SIG supports scientific research and operates in regulatory activities related to solvents to ensure that solvents are still known as important components of a range of products that help our lives to live healthier and safer. While the conscious world of the environment meets the needs of the world today. Industrial chemicals Basic and industrial chemicals testing, and regulatory services to help meet quality and regulatory standards and optimal performance in supply chain. Basic and industrial chemicals are produced in large quantities and are necessary materials for products used both in industry and for general use. They include chemicals derived from oil (petrochemicals), basic minerals and medium for chemical processes. Understanding the production processes and chemical composition of these chemicals is increasingly important to achieve cost reduction targets and compliance with environmental and safety regulations. Scientists test and analyze the organic and industrial chemicals that are used in various industries, such as chemicals, polymers, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents, textiles and other products. Tests include chemical composition and physical properties that are provided by international standards, including ASTM and ISO, and internal methods in control of quality test, trace analysis and pollution issues. We will also provide a comprehensive consultation to develop and implement strategies with legal compliance at the global level for new and existing products. Our services are related to introducing new products, developing data, as well as the validity of existing products with local and global regulations, which are provided with a total quality assurance. In this category we refer to all types of solvents and industrial chemicals for advice on buying solvents and industrial chemicals or for information on the price of solvents and industrial chemicals. Soren Chemistry provides a variety of solvents and industrial chemicals in the Iranian market and neighboring countries.