The pharmaceutical industry is a part of the chemical industry and is needed for the production of medicine. In the past, only medicines from plants and animals were taken. However, today`s medicine is produced and produced by chemical processes, so various chemicals are used to produce pharmaceuticals. Production of medicine with quality and continuity of production is one of the concerns of many countries, which are subject to threat or boycott due to conditions and time. The product cannot be removed from the shopping cart. The raw materials of pharmaceutical industries include the raw materials of the pharmaceutical industry, the effective drug – line ingredients, the pharmaceuticals industry additives and pharmaceuticals. We are proud to be one of the leading companies in supplying Iran ‘s pharmaceutical raw materials. In pharmḁceutical industries, pharmaceutical raw materials contain the ingredients required to produce different kinds of drugs. These are derived and extracted from sources that can be natural or artificial. Each drug is made of active substances and minerals. What is the primary materials of active pharmḁceutical industries (APIs)? Active Pharmḁceutical materials (APIs), also called “active volume “, are biologically active substances in a drug. Depending on the type of medicine, the product may contain more than one substance active. Each substance or mixture of substances used for the drug production is defined by the definition of an API. They are associated with diagnosis, treatment or disease prevention. The Soren Chem Co is an exporter, importer, seller and supplier of the raw materials of the Iranian pharmaceutical industry. Surprisingly, the company is ready to cooperate in the sales department of the Iranian pharmaceutical raw materials and to present a list of raw materials prices to applicants, buyers, producers and consumers from the most prestigious pharmḁceutical companies nationwide in Iran as well as neighboring countries.