The basics of agricultural industries: quality products also need high quality materials. In agriculture industries, raw materials are produced according to the final product. Certain types of fruits and vegetables are introduced to the new products market, while others are suitable for preparation or freezing. Ways to produce agricultural products are also important. The separation of raw materials and organic biological substances has typically led to an important issue for several years, which requires good identification systems. Cereals services How is the raw material production systems (primary materials for agricultural industries) are essential for the entire food chain? It is important to have the right ingredients for the final product and grow it in a proper manner. This includes when and when to apply pesticides. It involves proper timing for the application of pesticides. We have a lot of experience in doing different experiments for a range of products, and we can help you set up experiments for our specific raw materials. Issues such as poor product quality are due to manipulation, for example undesirable environmental conditions, or misuse in post – harvesting operations, as well as food safety problems. The raw materials of the agricultural industry The supply management and most fertilizer, commonly used in agriculture, contain three basic vegetable substances: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some fertilizers contain certain amounts of nutrients. Like zinc and other metals that are essential to plant growth. Materials used for earth are first mentioned in order to improve soil properties (rather than plant food). Soil reform and soil modification can be: Raw materials Fertilizers and other organic materials The waste, such as sewage sludge and some industrial waste Excessive use of fertilizer leads to pollution of surface water and underground water. The Soren Chem Co., is an exporter, importer, seller and supplier of the basics of Iranian agricultural industries. Surprisingly, the company is ready to co – operate and provide raw fertilizer materials, organic fertilizers and vermicompost fertilizers. In order to buy the basics of Iranian farming and raw materials for producing agricultural fertilizer with our colleagues in the agricultural raw material sales sector.