About Us

Soren Chem Co. has partnered with experts and chemistry engineers in the field of industrial raw materials market. We learned about the problems in the industries in Iran and neighborhood countries, which made us focused on the supply and distribution of industrial raw materials, including detergent raw materials, Raw materials for food, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, agricultural raw materials, raw materials for water purification, drilling materials, solvents and industrial chemicals as well as in essential oils with competitve price is available for sale.
Now, according to the requirements of customers and requesting the order of products which is required , We have Analyzed our colleagues and order them to get the best product quality for you.
Our Commercial registration number is ( 59841 ) Soren Chemical Group Co, with its experienced and expert team, is able to supply the raw materials needed by all industries from Asia & international markets and help you with our best service we able to do.
The success of large companies is the satisfaction of their customers, and we hope that as long as we have reached Today, we have tried to attract our customers’ satisfaction experts to rely on this principle and gain more satisfaction from you.

Soren Chemical is an importer, exporter and seller of essential oils, chemical raw materials, detergents, pharmaceuticals, food and ….

Our Services to Dear Manufacturers and Researchers of the Country:
Marketing and sales
Import & Export
Commercialization Research and Research Cooperation

Therefore, all producers of chemical raw materials, food, agriculture, and so on. We invite you to cooperate by contacting and consulting our expert colleagues in exporting our products to the applicant countries for marketing and selling our own raw materials in the domestic market.
Our headquarters is in the city of Mashhad, which covers important location of our country IRAN , based on nearby borders to this City . Such as Afghanistan, Pakistan , Turkmenistan, Tajikistan Etc. The products of our company are constantly kept in prestigious warehouses. At Last we are trying our best to increase co operation between us and nearby countries as much as we can.

Soren Chemical Group Co.